About Us

Spaces are influenced by so many different elements, including:  scale, form, light, materiality, and color. At Functions Studio, we understand that quality design can liven up spaces and affect wellbeing. For this reason, our store is filled with a combination of modern and vintage items that are all timeless in their beauty. Some items are whimsical, others are sleek and minimal, but they are all high-quality items that can add charm to any home. 

Functions Studio is the interior design/retail branch of Studio Functions, which was founded by Benjamin Page in Los Angeles in 2003. Benjamin took his operation up the west coast just a couple of years ago and settled in Portland, Oregon, where he designed and opened this retail space, which has served as a colorful addition to the neighborhood and as a spark of optimism during the pandemic. The space is filled with objects that he has collected over the years with an affinity for mid-century modern design. Benjamin is a skilled designer in multiple realms. His work successfully balances architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture to create spaces that seamlessly connect to each other.